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Profile - Prof. Spillane Father James J. Spillane, S.J. was born at Boston, Massachusetts. He is currently a Professor of Economics at Sanata Dharma University and director of the Sanata Dharma Center for Tourism Research and Training. He has traveled in different parts of the world especially for his assigmnets in the Jesuits. His works have been mainly in university teaching including assignments in Iraq, Jamaica, Iran, Colombia, Tanzania [11 years] and currently Indonesia [ 34 years). During 2009 – 2020 he was the Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at St. Augustine University of Tanzania in Mwanza, Tanzania. He was also the Head of the Tourism & Hospitality Management Department where he taught. Spilaane received his B.S. and M.A. in Mathematics from Boston College (1964 and 1966), his Ph.D in International Economics from New York University (1972) and his M. Div. from the Weston School of Theology in Cambridge, Mass. USA (1976). He has worked as a consultant in the Center for Building, Planning, and Housing at United Nations Headquarters in New York (1970-72) and the Center for International Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA (1974-76). He was the Francis P. Wade Chair at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (2003-2004). He is current a member of the International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism (AIEST) and the International Association of Jesuit Business Schools (IAJBS). He was selected in Who’s Who in the World (2007 and 2008 Editions). Rev. Spillane, has written articles and books in English and Indonesian on international economics (especially Indonesian commodity exports), values and university education, business ethics and the role of tourism in the Indonesian and Tanzanian economies.